M/M, gay, erotic and romantic fiction

Hi there.

Elias True is my pen name. I write male/male gay erotic and romantic fiction under this name. I also write young adult, mysteries and comedies under my real name. Because there’s little overlap in audiences, I’m keeping my erotica/romance work apart from my other fiction.

My published works under the Elias True name range from 5,000-word short stories to novelettes, to novellas to novels. The longer works are coming. I’ll be updating this site with information about new stories.

If you’ve downloaded and read any of these stories, please review them at Amazon, Smashwords, or Goodreads.

And I’d like to hear from you. Please tell me what you liked or didn’t like about the stories. And if there are typos or formatting issues, I need to know about those too.

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“I Like to Watch”

Eighteen-year-old Elliott is looking forward to a spring break away from his college roommates—a whole week to house-sit for his uncle in Chicago, and jack-off to internet porn (and maybe check out a museum, if he has time). But his uncle doesn’t have internet. And there are no video stores around.

But his uncle does have binoculars, and a clear view into a nearby high-rise apartment building full of exhibitionists. Elliott is content with watching the nightly show, until he develops an obsession with a hot, scruffy guy and his Latin lover. Elliott decides that his sex life must be more than watching, and he aggressively pursues the object of his desire. He’s surprised when his first-time encounter is different–and better–than any video he’s ever seen.

“I’ll freely admit that I picked this story because the pervy voyeurism angle appealed to me, and I’m definitely a fan of gay erotica–no romance required. What I wasn’t expecting from this self-published short, though, was such a well-written story with so much wit and charm. I can recommend this to all fans of gay erotica, and there’s a little something there for the romance fans too.” Brief Encounters Reviews

Available on Amazon.

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